Demographics/Enrollment Projection Studies


We provide demographic information to school districts which include enrollment projections. Our enrollment projections utilize the cohort survival method and can provide enrollment projections for five years or longer depending upon the needs of the District. Projections are based upon the enrollment history of a district for the prior six years. For projecting kindergarten we utilize several different methods which may include birth rates, moving averages or other methods depending upon the structure of the District (for example a District which has half-day kindergarten would use a different method than that of a District with a full day program).

Redistricting/Attendance Zone Analysis

In addition to enrollment history we also use other variables such as housing sales, new housing construction and other economic factors. In terms of other demographics we can analyze economic factors such as income, housing and student diversity.

We can provide a District with a full attendance zone analysis. This analysis allows the District to make decisions about such things as changing attendance zones, closing and/or opening schools or changing organizational patterns. We utilize the latest in GIS software which allows us to map the District, overlay the current attendance zones, place school locations on the map and locate students at their residential addresses. We can then provide information for such things a balancing enrollment in schools. This is criteria based and information can be provided based upon any criteria which may be useful to the District. This also allows the appropriate placement of District-wide programs.

We recognize the sometimes difficult process of redistricting and not only provide recommended alternatives but we also meet with staff, board members and where needed with the community to present the findings and recommendations. As with all of our studies we custom tailor each study to meet the specific needs of the District.

Facility Utilization Studies

In conjunction with both enrollment projections and redistricting we can analyze the current utilization of school building with regard to enrollment, programs and class sizes. Through interviews with individual building administrators we develop a real world picture of how efficiently each building is being used general education, special education and student services. This is designed to aid in the long term plan for the school district. We can overlay our projections onto the current facility to determine how long range enrollment will impact the building based upon room availability. We believe that this is a critical step in any long range plan.

We have worked closely with architects and engineers in doing these studies.

Transportation Efficiency Studies

One of the largest expenditures for school districts is in transportation be it for general or special education students. We can provide a high level analysis of current transportation practices ranging from examining eligibility issues to stop locations to routing efficiency. We can also analyze in-district policies and procedures as well as the operation of the transportation office. This can range from evaluating job descriptions and performance to looking at routing procedures including the utilization of transportation software.

We can provide recommendations for increased efficiency and cost savings (while recognizing that student safety is always the priority). We can also assist with making changes which can improve the overall efficiency of the program. We have, in the past helped Districts to cut their transportation costs.

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